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External clinical
speech therapy​

Renona Spiralsystem​

Our rehabilitation center offers a comprehensive rehabilitation programme called „Renona Spiralsystem“. This programme is suitable for preschool kids as well as for elderly people, expectant mothers and athletes.


Our comprehensive rehabilitation concept „Renona Spiralsystem“ prevents idiopathic scoliosis with children, relieves from daily pain in the back and cures degenerative diseases of the spine and spinal discs which occur from working in front of the computer in a sitting position.


Expectant mothers and athletes stay fit, the recovery after injuries and the sportive performance improve.


The constant movement with the „Renona Spiralsystem“ during daily activities, like walking, regenerates the spine and supports the correct dynamic or spiral muscles system. We work individually and professional with each of our patients. 


The „Renona Spiralsystem“ programme lasts for 8 days from Tuesday to Friday during the first week and from Monday to Thursday during the second week. It consists of supportive medical procedures like:


– Quantumtherapy (to 20 minutes),

– Thermotherapy (to 20 minutes),

– Bioptron (to 20 minutes),

– Kryotherapy (to 20 minutes),

– Kinesiotaping (to 20 minutes).


The „Renona Spiralsystem“ programme consists of exercises using the RENONA Suit in combination with oxygen therapy and Manual techniques (to 60 minutes).



Information for potential patients:

  • For the first consultation, we need a MRT or X-ray of the spine including a narrative report.
  • We offer the first consultation every 2nd Thursday within the surgery hours of our doctor. 
  • The payment is done one week before the treatment starts (or on arrival day)​

External clinical speech therapy​

In our Rehabilitation center we provide a high quality clinical speech therapy for patients of all ages with communication disorders.


We focus not only on the diagnosis and treatment but also on prevention counseling and speech disorders that are closely connected with speech as an example muscle function disorders, eating disorders, coordination disorders of breathing and phonation, voice problems etc.


Our patients are mainly children and adults with neurogenic speech disorders, cerebral palsy, post-traumatic conditions, but we are also engaged with other difficulties of speech disorders patients. We seek an individual approach to each patient. We are looking forward to welcoming you.



Information for potential patients:

  • The entrance examination takes place on Monday the first of two weeks cycle
  • For the entrance examination please take your medical findings with you
  • The duration of a speech therapy unit is 30 minutes
  • The first logopedic session is just diagnostic, the other sessions are therapeutic
  • The external clinical speech therapy is not limited in time. After consultation with our speech therapist, it is possible complete several sessions. We recommend at least 4 sessions
  • Clinical speech therapy takes place on Monday and Tuesday during the first week of  Turnusweek and on Thursday and Friday during the second week
  • Payment of the speech therapy units is made in advance. The payment can be made on the Monday during the first week by cash or card payment in the office

Renona Spiral System​

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